Even among practitioners of Pauline magic (aka, the Ars Paulina), little is known for certain about the governing hierarchy of Heaven. The affairs of Celestial Presences operate largely hidden from the perception of mortals, and because such entities are not obliged to answer the supplications of mortals, the truth cannot be compelled from them.

What follows is at best an approximation of the Celestial Hierarchy, based upon reports and declarations documented through the centuries by various students and masters of Kabbalah and the Ars Paulina. Karcists who seek to make use of this information should do so with utmost caution.

Most of the Celestial Presences with which a Pauline karcist or kabbalist might expect to interact will hail from the Third Order, the lowest level of the Celestial Hierarchy. The majority of such Presences will be either Angels, the order commonly tasked to serve as intermediaries between the mortal realm and the Divine, or Archangels, which are, simply, angels of high rank either because of their seniority or their power relative to other Celestial entities.

Unlike their fallen Infernal kin, the Presences of Heaven do not sign pacts with mortals. They do not act as patrons to individual karcists. Mortal karcists may supplicate for an audience with or a favor from a Celestial Presence, but the host of Heaven are under no obligation to answer such entreaties or grant such requests.

Many minor Presences within the Third Order are tasked with oversight of specific places, times of day or night, phenomena, or other features of the physical universe. There are governing angels for each continent, each day of the week, each hour of the day, particular institutions, and so forth.

Attempts to reconcile conflicting accounts of these responsibilities have led some Pauline scholars to hypothesize that the Divine rotates lesser Presences through various offices. If true, the schedule or logic governing such rotations is not yet known.


In both Goetic and Pauline magic, karcists tend to exert control over conjured Presences by invoking the known Names of the Divine. While it is believed that no mortal knows the full complement of names by which the Divine is known throughout Creation, what follows is a list of many of the Divine’s more frequently invoked monikers:

Adonay, Elohim, Zebaoth, Shaddai, the names Alpha and Omega by which Daniel destroyed Bel and slew the Dragon, Amioram, Hagios Aglaon Tetragrammaton, Ramael, and Primeumaton, which commandeth the whole host of Heaven.